‘Bot 44 Evolution

Demo Scenario 'A': "Providing Care"

  1. Greet your relative in an assisted living facility.
  2. Administer morning medications (pills and liquid).
  3. Push a wheelchair five meters up a ramp to a common room.
  4. Discuss available daily activities with staff.
  5. Identify a board game such as chess or go in a box on a shelf. Pick it up, bring it to a table, and set it up for play.
  6. Listen to an announcement of a visiting doctor for checkups.
  7. Push your relative five meters to the doctor’s station.
  8. Read the written checkup report aloud and sign it.
  9. Push the relative back down the ramp to their original spot.
  10. Take a blanket from the wheelchair, fold it, and put it on a shelf.

Demo Scenario 'B': "Disaster Relief"

  1. Use a shovel to load 20kg of debris into a wheelbarrow.
  2. Push the wheelbarrow 10m to a loading area.
  3. Use the shovel to unload the wheelbarrow.
  4. Return to the original location and listen for a call for help.
  5. Locate the source of the call for help.
  6. Walk forward to that location on a rough, dirt surface.
  7. Pick up a coiled rope with a weighted end.
  8. Throw the weighted end of the rope towards the sound.
  9. Turn your head and call loudly for assistance.
  10. Hand the unweighted end of the rope to an assistant.

Demo Scenario 'C': "Multi-Purpose Utility"

  1. Locate a set of instructions and read them aloud.
  2. Pour the specified quantity of fluid from one beaker to another.
  3. Use a scoop to collect a specified sample of powder.
  4. Unroll a plan on to a flat table and place weights on its corners.
  5. Using a protractor, straightedge, and mechanical pencil, draw two lines on the plane that intersect at 45 degrees.
  6. Identify a broken plug-in component on an electrical control panel.
  7. Walk 6 meters to a workbench and solder a wire on it.
  8. Return to the control panel and replace the component.